Discussion of the constitutionality of double taxation


See also page on this blog about open letter posted on Swiss TV site which covers some of the constitutionality issues and adds a Swiss constitutional perspective: https://stopunconstitutionaldoubletaxation.wordpress.com/open-letter-published-on-swiss-francophone-tv-site/

Some useful links related to FATCA, FBAR, Renunciation and other problems of Americans abroad

http://www.aca.ch/  (an international non-profit organisation that seeks to protect the rights of Americans abroad).  They are a good bunch of people and do a great job for us, please join up and donate lots of money to them!  They also have country contacts, so you might want to start a chapter in your country.

http://www.aaro.org/ (similar to ACA except AARO seems to concentrate more on Citizenship than on tax issues).

http://isaacbrocksociety.com/  (a site set up by Americans in Canada about double taxation, FATCA, FBAR, VDP, citizenship, renunciation and the like.)  Lots of keen debate on this site!

http://www.hodgen.com  (a tax attorney in California who has dealt with Voluntary Disclosure and FBAR problems.)  A discussion of constitutionality on that blog may be found at http://hodgen.com/for-those-of-you-who-think-the-ovdi-penalties-are-unconstitutional/

Here is an interesting post that argues the unfairness of US policy as well as emphasizing that it is to the disadvantage of the US economy: http://renounceuscitizenship.wordpress.com/2012/01/12/u-s-citizenship-based-taxation-harms-u-s-economy/

FATCA Fallout — Mass Renunciations http://opiniojuris.org/2012/01/08/fatca-fallout-mass-renunciations/