Some useful links related to FATCA, FBAR, Renunciation and other problems of Americans abroad  (an international non-profit organisation that seeks to protect the rights of Americans abroad).  They are a good bunch of people and do a great job for us, please join up and donate lots of money to them!  They also have country contacts, so you might want to start a chapter in your country. (similar to ACA except AARO seems to concentrate more on Citizenship than on tax issues).  (a site set up by Americans in Canada about double taxation, FATCA, FBAR, VDP, citizenship, renunciation and the like.)  Lots of keen debate on this site!  (a tax attorney in California who has dealt with Voluntary Disclosure and FBAR problems.)  A discussion of constitutionality on that blog may be found at

Here is an interesting post that argues the unfairness of US policy as well as emphasizing that it is to the disadvantage of the US economy:

FATCA Fallout — Mass Renunciations


4 thoughts on “Some useful links related to FATCA, FBAR, Renunciation and other problems of Americans abroad

  1. Yes, Isaac Brock is for ALL U.S. persons and has members and supporters from Europe, North and South America, Asia and Oceania.

    Petros has done an amazing job of bringing us all together!

    Victoria Ferauge
    Versailles, France

  2. You should put the links in the side bar using widgets and custom menus (or links). I will put up a link for this site at Isaac Brock today. Good luck with the new blog!

    I suggest also that you make a blog post out of your comment at Hodgen’s blog that I cited at in this post:

    Your observation is keen in that comment, exceeding that of many journalists and legal minds that haven’t a clue.

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