Swiss People’s Party Editorial on Swiss Gov’t Policy, Banking, Sharing of Information

It seems that the Swiss People’s Party is aware of some of our issues, especially those that relate to bank secrecy and the sharing of information.

Again, for my friends at Isaac Brock who are able to read French, please find a link to yesterday’s editorial by the SVP party secretary on the subject HERE.

For those of you that are unable to understand the text, I have provided a free translation of some important sentences as I am sure that Mr. Google would mangle some of the more subtle sentences:

« Un petit Etat comme la Suisse n’a que le droit pour se protéger et il doit en exiger le respect avec détermination, aussi face aux Etats-Unis. Il faut résister au chantage. » A small country like Switzerland has only the law to protect itself and it must demand respect of [law] with determination, even in the face of the USA. One must resist blackmail.

« Le secret protégeant les clients des banques suisses a été affaibli à plusieurs reprises dans le passé alors que le Conseil fédéral manifestait un mépris inquiétant pour les règles de l’Etat de droit. » Bank secrecy protecting the clients of Swiss banks has been weakened several times in the past while the Federal Council (Cabinet and President of Switzerland) displays a disturbing contempt for the rule of law. (Supports the thesis of the Open Letter published by Jeff last week at TSR.).

« Et l’attitude des Américains dans leur propre pays est pour le moins curieuse: d’une côté, n’importe qui peut faire enregistrer de manière anonyme une société dans l’Etat du Delaware et, de l’autre côté, les fonds considérables déposés à Miami ou à New York, pour l’essentiel de l’argent provenant d’Amérique du Sud, ne font l’objet d’aucune surveillance. » And the attitude of Americans in their own country is at least curious: on one hand, anybody can anonymously register a company in the State of Delaware, and on the other hand considerable funds deposited at Miami or New York ([funds] largely originating in South America) are not scrutinized.

Contrary to occasional negative international press, the Swiss People’s Party is composed of some rather reasonable people who seek to protect Swiss sovereignty and values, do not want to see their culture destroyed by adherence to the EU, expect people to work if they can rather than taking handouts (and thus causing sovereign debt and high taxes), and demand that foreigners who live in Switzerland integrate themselves and not commit crimes. It is also the largest party in terms of membership in Switzerland.


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