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A reader sent me the following e-mail and eventually gave me the permission to publish it earlier this week.  The IRS is hammering Canadian residents who they deem to be US persons.  All Canadians should be aware of the hazard–that if we allow the IRS to shake down our people who happened to be “United States persons” it makes all the rest of us poorer because (1) it decreases our taxable base; (2) it reduces the total investment in the Canadian economy (destroying jobs); (3) it will increase the total tax burden on workers who have to pay the Old Age security for people impoverished by United States taxation of Canadians; (4) it is a very real threat to Canadian sovereignty because it is the exaction of tribute from Canadian taxpayers.  We should all be very alarmed about United States extraterritorial taxation!  We must put pressure on our politicians to…

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