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Switzerland has issued arrest warrants for three German civil servants, accusing them of industrial espionage for buying the bank details of German tax evaders, the finance ministry of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) said on Saturday.

Switzerland seeks arrest of German tax collectors


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    • I don’t know for a fact that the person(s) in the Swiss bank(s) involved in this case have been arrested, but I do know that this has happened in the past in similar cases. Swiss bank employees sign a paper informing them of bank secrecy laws and the consequences, which include heavy fines and possible criminal prosecution.

      As to the arrest warrant just issued, I doubt Germany would extradite their people. There are no routine immigration controls between Switzerland and Germany (Switzerland is part of Schengen now) however if the person is stopped by the Frontier Guards (who still do random checks) trying to enter or leave Switzerland he could be arrested. If they fly to Switzerland from Germany they would have to use an automated kiosk to scan their ID. I don’t know if the airlines would automatically share the information, but it is certainly possible that they would be flagged and either denied boarding or arrested upon landing in Switzerland.

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