If this man or anyone in America loves Fidel Castro why isn’t he allowed to say so without there being an uproar? Doesn’t America believe in freedom of speech? Secondly why should anyone care about what is said about politics by a man whose life is coaching grown men to play a child’s game? What kind of an apology is it when it is given under duress? How is this any different then when a terrorist group forces a U.S. hostage to make a video denouncing America?

When you consider that America has diplomatic relations with many other governments that are ruled by more unsavory characters then it seems apparent that America’s obsession with destablizing Cuba is irrational and should be an embarrassment to the nation.

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  1. (s)he is free to comment on such politics but Jeff cannot as he has limited knowledge of latin-american politics. Thanks for your comments Roger and please come back to the site as often as you’d like.

  2. Certainly this gentleman was free to say what he wanted to, but if you will pardon the similarity in a community where there are nearly 1 million persons living who fled Cuba, lucky to get out with just the clothes on their backs and many who have relatives who were not so lucky because they were lined up against a wall and shot, caused a reaction similar to that of a group of survivors of of the Holocoust if someone should procaim in their presence what a wonderful person Adolph Hitler was. This gentleman, a Venezuelan citizen, declared himself persona non-grata by expressing his convictions to a very unreceptive audience.

    Living in Miami I personally know several people who were deeply offended by his remarks.

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