Lots of debate on the Miami Herald and McClatchy site, including comments from many that are intolerant of our situation. I would hope that everyone who reads this will take the time to enter this debate and make our unfair and unjust condition known objectively to all.

The Isaac Brock Society

Roger sent me an early morning email, saying that my name made into the Miami Herald, and I immediately began to comment at the McClatchy site:  IRS crackdown on foreign assets leading many to renounce U.S. citizenship.

There I’ve had a numerous interactions with commenters.  Here is what has appeared thus far:

Petros wrote

Hi! My name is Peter W. Dunn, and I am a blogger at the Isaac Brock Society.  I am the one mentioned in this article.  I don’t know why the moderator took down my original comment, perhaps because I included a link to our blog, where people can get information about why Americans abroad are renouncing their citizenship.  I am sorry that I have to go to such lengths to have free speech. But I think that it is the least you can do, since you have mentioned my name in the article, that you…

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