U.S. citizens living here: Do your tax duty — An article in Winipeg Free Press that appears to be a simple informercial for the author’s accounting business.


Jefferson’s response:

This article does not fully address the issues faced by US persons living outside of the US, and reads a bit like an infomercial for the author’s services. 


The US has long overstepped its bounds through extraterritorial legislation that violates the constitutional protections afforded by foreign countries, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the U.S. Constitution.


US Persons are being forced to forfeit their rights to privacy and due process under the 4th and 5th Amendments, being subject to “excessive fines” in violation of the 8th, and are being legislated against without the proportional representation in the House of Representatives afforded by Article 1, Section 2 USCONST. 

Recent bills such as the “Ex-Patriot Bill”, provisions in the highway bill for passport confiscation and the blockage of payments to and credit cards issued by foreign banks that refuse to adhere to FATCA abominable acts that only continue the policy of taxation without representation already practiced by the US Congress and the administration through double taxation, FBAR enforcement, restrictions on renunciation of US nationality, and FATCA. 


People abroad are getting tired of the US trying to finance its own bailout by extorting money from US persons living abroad, most of whom never profited from the boom in the US.  Things are especially bad for US persons living in high-cost-of-living countries where the poor US Dollar exchange rate puts them in increasingly higher tax brackets in the US (above the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, FEIE)  even in countries where the local income tax should wipe out the US tax through the Foreign Tax Credit, there are issues with the Alternative Minimum Tax, and restrictions on the Foreign Housing Exclusion and Deduction requiring one to live in the center of particular cities abroad (and not taking into account the high cost of living in many suburbs of such cities).  In high cost of living countries like Switzerland, which has slightly lower income tax but plenty of other forms of fee and taxation that are not taken into account as deductions in the US, many find themselves unable to pay their bills. 


The whole situation is causing strain on families, bankruptcies, divorce, and even suicide.  It is time for US persons abroad to have their own Boston Tea Party and throw off these shackles.   We shall not let the US do to us what the crown and parliament did to the colonists prior to the American Revolution of 1776.  NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, NO CITIZENSHIP-BASED TAXATION.






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