Open Letter Published on Swiss Francophone TV Site

Here is a link to an English PDF version of the open letter posted 23 January 2012 at Télévision Suisse Romande: Open Letter TSR English   French: Open Letter TSR French

This letter critisizes current Swiss government policy in the face of American bureaucratic imperialism:  See also a related post on the site of the Swiss People’s Party.

Any comments to the letter and surrounding issues are welcome here on this blog.  In addition, you may participate in discussions on the letter already underway at TSR (in French): or at the Isaac Brock Society (in English):  Comments page at Isaac Brock responding to the original French version:


6 thoughts on “Open Letter Published on Swiss Francophone TV Site

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  4. Arbitrary power is most easily established on the ruins of liberty abused to licentiousness.

    Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master.

    -George Washington

  5. Thomas Paine wrote, “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

    Such words ring as true for American Expats today as they did for British Expats (American colonists), who went to war against the British Empire 1775-1783 to free themselves from the tyranny of “Taxation without Representation.”

    Who in the US Congress today represents the interests of American’s abroad? Nobody! Instead, they view us as easy prey (no votes) for future revenue and are preparing the field for FATCA in 2013.

    With the exception of Ron Paul and a couple of others, the politicians in Congress are completely ignorant of the history their own country. America’s forefathers: Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, John and Sam Adams, etc. would be ashamed of the way Congress treats American Expats. George Washington would be ashamed of the behavior of the government sitting in the city bearing his name.

    Like the British STAMP Act and subsequent INTOREABLE Acts, FATCA will force many American Expats to “renounce” their US citizenship as our forefathers did when they declared independence from Great Britain in 1776. As an American Expat, reading the words of the Declaration of Independence every 4th of July brings tears to my eyes because the abuses of the British Empire against American colonists are strikingly similar to the abuses against American Expats today.

    “These are the times that try men’s souls.”

  6. Thanks “John”. It is good to know that my opinions are appreciated. Please feel free to post links to my blog and, or other useful sites in this debate wherever and whenever you can. Also, I would encourage you to respond to the original publication of the open letter on the TSR site If you don’t write French, you can write in English, I don’t think TSR would mind, as –in theory– they would by law have to accept Italian and German posts, and English is accepted as a lingua franca for contracts and other documents in Switzerland, and is the main business language in large companies here.

  7. Written almost as eloquently as America’s Declaration of Independence.

    Taxation without representation in the law making body of the government and without receiving any tangible benefits from that government is against the very principles upon which America was founded.

    John Hancock

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